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WQData LIVE Web Datacenter
CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy
CB-450 Data Buoy
X2-CB Buoy-Mounted Data Logger
CB-950 Data Buoy
CB-1250 Data Buoy
X2-CBMC Buoy-Mounted Data Logger
X2 Environmental Data Logger
CONNECT Software
G2-RAIN Alert System
Legacy Buoys
Support information for discontinued buoy platforms is available for the products listed below.
Data Loggers
NexSens data loggers are compatible with a wide range of industry-standard sensors and offer flexible data telemetry options.
NexSens data loggers utilize standard communication protocols and telemetry options common in the environmental monitoring industry for interfacing with various environmental sensors.
Communication Protocols
Legacy Loggers
Support information for discontinued data loggers is available for the products listed below.
NexSens Sensors
NexSens offers a variety of easily configurable sensors for monitoring water temperature and rainfall, integrating analog sensors, and capturing real-time photos and videos.
EWC Environmental Web Camera
mV to RS-485 Signal Adapter
RTU-C Remote Telemetry Unit
Water Quality - Integrated Sensors
A host of industry-leading smart sensors measuring crucial water quality parameters (i.e., temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.) can be integrated with the NexSens line of data loggers.
Eureka Manta+ Multiprobe
In-Situ Aqua Troll 400/600 Multi-Parameter Probe
In-Situ RDO-Pro/Blue Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Pro Oceanus Solu-Blu C02
S::CAN Spectrolyser UV-Vis Monitor
Sea-Bird Scientific HydroCAT CTD
Seametrics CT2X Conductivity Logger
Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger
Seametrics TempHion pH/ORP Logger
Seametrics Turbo Turbidity Logger
Sequoia LISST-ABS Acoustic Backscatter Sensor
TriOS NICO UV Nitrate Sensor
Turner Designs C3/CP6 Submersible Fluorometer
YSI EXO-Series Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sondes
YSI ODO RTU Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Water Level - Integrated Sensors
NexSens data loggers support a mix of non-contact and transducer-style level sensors for use as flood warning systems, tide gauges, and stormwater monitors.
Seametrics PT-12 Submersible Pressure Sensors
VegaPuls C23 Radar Water Level Sensor
YSI Nile Radar Series Water Level Sensors
Velocity, Flow Currents, and Waves - Integrated Sensors
Highly technical and advanced sensors can seamlessly integrate with the NexSens series of data loggers to provide critical information on wave action, water current, discharge and current direction for offshore and coastal applications.
Aanderaa Doppler Current Profiler Sensors (DCPS)
Geolux Non-Contact Flow Sensor
Nortek Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler (AWAC)
Nortek Aquadopp Current Profiler
Nortek Signature Series Current Profiler
OTT SVR 100 Surface Velocity Radar
SeaView Systems SVS-603HR Wave Sensor
SonTek-SL Series Doppler Current Meters
Weather, Solar, and Soil - Integrated Sensors
All-in-one & single-parameter weather sensors alert users to current conditions and provide data for predictive models. NexSens data loggers can provide continuous power for these systems to accurately portray the variability of the local environment.
Airmar WX-Series Ultrasonic Weather Station Instrument
Gill Instruments MaxiMet Weather Station
Lufft WSxxx-Series Weather Stations
Vaisala GMP25x Carbon Dioxide Probe
YSI H-3401 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges
NexSens WQData LIVE is the web-based platform for data management, while additional software applications assist with system configuration.
WQData LIVE Web Datacenter
Legacy Software
Support information for discontinued software is available below.
Buoy Accessories
Common buoy accessories for ballast, navigation signals, power, and integrating 3rd party equipment.
Buoy Cage Anti-Rotation Collar (CB-CCA)
CB-Series Data Buoy Ballast Weight
CB-Series Data Buoy Radar Reflector
CB-Series Data Buoy Pass-Through Lid (CB-PTL)
CB-Series Data Buoy Wet-Mate Lid (CB-MCL)
M650H 4 NM Solar Marine Light
SBP500 Submersible Battery Pack
Top-Side Sensor Buoy Mounts
Sensor mounts for top-side sensors and multiparameter weather stations commonly used on buoy platforms.
Airmar WX-Series Weather Sensor Buoy Mount
CB-150/450 Instrument Offset Mount
Garmin GPS 24xd Receiver Buoy Mount
Gill Maximet Weather Sensor Buoy Mount
Kipp & Zonen Radiometer Mounting Bracket
LI-COR Terrestrial Light Sensor Buoy Mount
Lufft WS-Series Weather Sensor Buoy Mount
SeaView Systems SVS-603 Wave Sensor Mount
Subsurface Sensor Buoy Mounts
Sensor mounts for ADCP current profilers, sonde deployment pipes, mooring clamps and other mounting hardware.
Aquadopp ADCP Buoy Mount
Aquadopp Current Profiler Mooring Cage
Buoy Deployment Pipe Assemblies
CB-SS510-M Sonar Depth Sensor Mount
CM-Li-193 PAR Sensor Mount
CM-500 Cage Mount Clamp
CM-600 Cage Mount Clamp
EXO Bottom Platform
Sea-Bird Scientific HydroCAT CTD Cage Mount
Signature1000 Instrument Cage
Thermistor String Mooring Clamp Kit (TS-Clamp)
Underwater PAR Sensor Mounting Arm
Land-Based System Accessories
Battery packs, mounting kits, solar charging, and junction boxes for external wiring to extend the length of deployments and introduce redundancy into systems.
Battery Backup for X2/V2/G2 Systems
SP10/SP15 Solar Power Packs
Cable Assemblies
Wiring guides and user instructions for custom cables built for device connectivity across a range of applications.
MCIL-4 Cable Assemblies
MCIL-5 Cable Assemblies
MCIL-6 Cable Assemblies
MCIL-8 Cable Assemblies
RF Bulkhead Modem Connector (RF-BULK)
UW Plug to Flying Lead Cable
UW-6 Plug to Flying Lead Cable
UW Receptacle to Flying Lead Cable
UW-6 Receptacle to Flying Lead Cable
UW Field Wireable Plug (UW-FWP)
UW Sensor Bulkhead Connector (UW-BULK)
UW-6 Power Bulkhead Connector (UW6-BULK)