environmental monitoring sensors


Environmental Monitoring

  • water quality sensors

    Water Quality

    Industry-leading smart sensors for monitoring water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity and more.

  • weather, soil, and solar sensors

    Weather, Solar, Soil

    All-in-one & single parameter sensors for monitoring general meteorological parameters, global solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, and soil conditions.

  • water level sensors

    Water Level

    Ultrasonic, radar, pressure, and other sensors for monitoring water level in lakes, wells, aquifers, holding tanks and more.

  • velocity, current and wave sensors

    Velocity, Currents, Waves

    Measure water flow and movement with a wide variety of sensors for monitoring currents, waves and velocity from both land-based or buoy-based monitoring applications.

  • monitoring sensors


    Miscellaneous instruments for environmental monitoring including GNSS receivers and depth sonar.

  • sensor accessories

    Sensor Accessories

    Configuration and deployment of remote monitoring stations is more efficient with accessories including communication adapters, cable assemblies, mounting equipment, and more.