Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other agencies have established dissolved oxygen limits for hydropower facility operations to minimize dam impacts on the local aquatic habitats. NexSens dissolved oxygen systems offer a flexible sensor, data logging, and communications platform to monitor these levels in near real-time.

Dock Monitoring System

Pre-existing structures such as docks, piers and bridge pilings are great locations for the deployment of a water quality and weather monitoring system.

Emergency Response Buoy

Construction projects, dredging operations and emergency response situations call for a platform that can monitor water quality at a moment’s notice, while alerting project managers of exceedances and potential concerns.

Flood Warning System

By combining non-contact water level measurement technology with reliable wireless communications and solar charging, NexSens flood warning systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Green Roof Monitoring

Living roofs are natural, aesthetically pleasing solutions for decreasing storm water runoff, reducing energy costs, moderating the Urban Heat Island effect as well as providing additional habitat for animals in the city. Water collected in these systems can support irrigation needs for your system as well.

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater contamination is a serious issue that can affect irrigation, drinking water, and municipal water supplies. NexSens groundwater monitoring systems offer an in-situ method for tracking water quality and level in real-time.

Inland Lake Monitoring

Inland lake research has grown in importance with increasing awareness of the need to protect these water resources. NexSens data buoys are scalable to accommodate sensors for measuring physical, chemical, and biological parameters.

Nutrient Monitoring

Nitrate, phosphate, and other nutrients are increasingly important indicators of the overall health of a water system. Real-time nutrient monitoring with NexSens telemetry systems offers critical insight into these water quality changes over time.

Scour Monitoring

Streambed scour is the erosion of sediment at the base of bridge piers, abutments and other underwater structures, ultimately compromising structural integrity. Real-time scour monitoring at these structures can help identify issues and prevent disasters. NexSens Technology offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and alert for scour conditions.

Soil Moisture Profiling

Soil moisture profiling is widely used in agriculture, as well as environmental applications, research and education. NexSens data logging and communication systems allow for a range of options to monitor soil profiles in real-time.

Source Water Monitoring

Protecting drinking water resources is a primary concern for many water professionals. NexSens offers customizable and scalable solutions for monitoring raw water intake. Systems are installed inside drinking water facilities and other complexes to monitor the quality of raw water from rivers, tributaries, lakes, and reservoirs.

Stormwater Monitoring

As stormwater runs off surfaces, it can pick up and deposit pollutants in local waterways. NexSens stormwater systems can be deployed to automatically collect water samples and monitor environmental variables to aid in pollution prevention efforts.

Stream & River Monitoring

NexSens stream and river monitoring stations are designed to simplify the setup and operation of real-time water quality and hydrology measurement systems. These streamside or in-river systems offer valuable data for research, assessment, regulation, and environmental impact studies.

Temperature Profiling

Monitoring the yearly evolution of temperature stratification is a critical component in lake management and research. NexSens data buoys and thermistor strings offer an ideal solution for multi-point temperature profiling.

Turbidity Monitoring

When dredging, it is necessary to monitor sediment re-suspension levels to prevent damage to the local ecosystem and minimize the spread of contaminates. NexSens real-time turbidity monitoring buoys offer a flexible sensor, data logging, and communications platform to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements.

Water Current Monitoring

Nearshore fisheries, climate researchers, search and rescue crews and even the general population can benefit from accumulated water current data. Currents help shape the climate in some regions and monitoring in real-time can detect changes and reveal patterns.

Wave Buoy

Offshore and coastal monitoring brings challenges that differ from traditional protected water monitoring applications. Parameters such as wave height, period, and direction become critical not only for boaters and shipping vessels, but also for researching current weather conditions and long-term climate trends.

Weather Station

Specifying and building a research-grade weather station is straightforward with NexSens data loggers and industry-standard sensors. Data can even be viewed in real time with numerous telemetry options. Mast configurations can accommodate all sensors and data logging equipment, simplifying mounting and installation.