VegaPuls C23 Radar Water Level Sensor X2 Integration Guide

The VegaPuls C 23 Radar Water Level Sensor provides non-contact, continuous level measurements. The device emits a continuous, frequency-modulated radar signal that is reflected by the medium and received through its antenna. Based on the doppler effect, the change in frequency is proportional to the distance and is converted into level. The sensor is compatible with the X2 data logger using the SDI-12 communication protocol and sensor interface. Users can create a generic SDI-12 script using the CONNECT software and adjust settings on the sensor using CONNECT’s SDI-12 communication utility.

VegaPuls C 23 Radar Level Sensor



In nearly all applications involving NexSens integration, a connectorized UW8 plug will be added to the sensor cable. However, other applications may require a UW8 to flying lead cable utilized for wiring the sensor and cable into an external junction box. The following table provides information for both applications.


NexSens UW8 Plug PinNexSens UW8-FLx Wire Color*SignalVegaPuls C23 Cable Wire Color
2BlackGroundBlue & Drain Wire
5Red12V PowerBrown

*NexSens UW Plug to Flying Lead Cable


X2 Script Information & Sensor Parameters

Create a generic SDI-12 script through the CONNECT Software with the following settings:

  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Model: SDI-12
  • SDI-12 Address: 0-9
    • Ensure the VegaPuls C23 sensor has a unique SDI-12 address from other SDI-12 sensors connected to the X2.
    • The default address for the sensor is 0.
  • Port: P0, P1, or P2
    • Ensure to connect the sensor to the port number selected in the script.
  • Warmup: 5 seconds
  • Measurement Command: M
  • Power: Switch
  • Parameters:
CONNECT Parameter NameUnitsVegaPuls C 23
Parameter Name
StagemStageStage based on measured value and calculation with user-defined stage reference.
LevelmDistanceDistance between sensor antenna and surface of measured medium.
TemperatureCTemperatureElectronics temperature (For diagnostic purposes)
Parm01dBReliabilityMeasurement reliability based on internal calculations.
Parm02Device StatusReview device status error codes on pages 55-57 of the linked manual.*

*VegaPuls C23 Product Overview


Configure Advanced Settings

The stage reference offset for the sensor can be adjusted using communication via the SDI-12 protocol. Use CONNECT’s SDI-12 communication utility to make adjustments to the internal settings on the sensor.

The commands below outline how to read and write the distance and stage reference units for the level and stage parameters, respectively.

Read Stage Reference
aXRSR!a<value><CR><LF>a: sensor address
<value1>: stage reference +ss.sss [m], +ss.sss [ft],
+ddddd [mm], [in]


Default stage reference value of 30m.


Write Stage Reference
aXWSR<value>!a<value1><value2><CR><LF>a: sensor address
<value1>: stage reference +ss.sss [m], +ss.sss [ft],
+ddddd [mm], [in]
<value2>: VVO-Status eee


New stage reference value of 12.5m.