Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger X-Series Integration Guide

Real-Time Water Quality Measurements

The Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger is a bromide and temperature sensor with built-in data logging. The sensor is compatible with NexSens X-Series data loggers using the SDI-12 communication protocol and sensor interface. A pre-defined script on NexSens X-Series data loggers is able to detect, log, and transmit all parameters available on the sensor. Parameter data is transmitted, in real-time, at a user-specified interval (e.g., 10 minutes) to the NexSens WQData LIVE Web Datacenter. There, data is stored on customizable dashboards with statistics and graphical interfaces for each parameter. Users can download and send data reports via Email, FTP, or an API. Below is information on the settings and wiring required to integrate these sensors with a NexSens X-Series data logger.

Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger product page.

Figure 1: Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger integration with NexSens X-Series data loggers for real-time water quality measurements.




Compatible Models

Seametrics provides a single model of the TempHion bromide sensor that is compatible with X-Series data loggers.

Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger product page.

Figure 2: Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger




Sensor Integration

All default settings on the sensor will work with NexSens X-Series data loggers. Once the sensor is wired or connected properly, a pre-defined script on the data logger will automatically detect the sensor.

1. Wiring

In nearly all applications involving NexSens integration, a waterproof UW8 plug will be added to the sensor cable. However, in other applications, when the sensor cable requires protection, it may need a connection to a NexSens UW-FWP or an external junction box.

Figure 3: NexSens UW-FWP J-pin out

Figure 4: NexSens UW8/UW-FWP Plug pin out


NexSens UW8/
UW-FWP Plug Pin
UW-FWP J Pin*NexSens UW8-FLx Wire Color**Seametrics Wire ColorSignal

*NexSens UW-FWP Field Wireable Plug
**NexSens UW Plug to Flying Lead Cable


2. Automatic Sensor Detection

After wiring in the proper signal connections to an X-Series data logger, the sensor can be programmed onto the logger via automatic detection.

X-Series Logger Detection and Script Information

The X-Series data loggers include a pre-loaded script, which must be enabled before detection.

Configure Sensor Scripts

X2 Script NumberCommunication ProtocolBaud RatePower TypeWarmup Period (sec)Measurement Command


Script Parameters

The sensor outputs the following parameters in SDI-12; however, depending on the type of TempHion logger (bromide vs. pH/ORP), the user will need to ignore the additional parameters. For the Bromide logger, both pH values, the Eh, and the ORP value can all be ignored.



3. Setting up WQData LIVE

Once an X-Series data logger has finished a new sensor detection, it will automatically push the sensor configuration to the WQData LIVE web data center. Follow the three articles below to create a WQData LIVE account and a project/site. Then add the data logger to the project using the included claim code.



Real-Time System Application

Real-time water quality measurements from the Seametrics TempHion Bromide Loggers are useful in various environmental monitoring applications.

Applicable Systems

Discover applicable uses for the Seametrics TempHion Bromide Loggers.


Water Quality Measurements

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Sensor Manual

For additional information on the Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger, please refer to the Seametrics TempHion Bromide Logger Manual.