UW-6 Power Bulkhead Connector Assembly Wiring

CB-Series Buoys without NexSens integrated electronics will ship with a solar tower and pass-through plate outfitted with a UW-6 power bulkhead connector (UW6-BULK) port. Information regarding the port pinout and different options for wiring power to user-supplied electronics is supplied below. For installation instructions, follow the guide here.

NexSens UW6-BULK power cable assembly.


UW6-BULK Pinout

The diagram and table below show the pinout of the UW-BULK cable assembly.

UW6-BULK pinout.


UW6-Bulk Pin #Molex Wire Color¹Flying Lead Wire Color²Notes
3RedSolar Connector Jumps to Pin 6
6OrangeRedSolar Connector Jumps to Pin 3

¹Molex connector is designed to interface with a NexSens CB-A01-2 or CB-A05-x  battery harness. If this accessory was not ordered, connector can be cut off to wire to user-supplied components.

²The Red and Black flying lead wires are intended to supply power to user-supplied electronics.


Wiring Options

Solar Charged Battery [most commonly used]

If power to the buoy electronics is to be maintained by a solar-charged battery and the buoy was not delivered with a CB-A05-x or CB-A01-2 battery harness, a solar regulator and battery must be sourced locally.

Molex WireSolar Regulator ConnectionBattery Terminal Connection
YellowSolar +
BlackCommon/GNDNegative (GND)
OrangeBattery +
RedPositive (V+)

The internal jumper inside the solar panel connector disconnects battery power from on-board electronics when the solar panel plug is removed from the UW6-BULK port. This simplifies system storage as the data well does not need to be opened to manually disconnect the battery.

Battery ONLY

If solar charging is not required for the application, a user may source a standalone battery to supply power to on-board electronics. The following wiring will direct battery power to the Red and Black flying lead wires of the UW6-BULK.

Molex WireBattery Terminal Connection
OrangePositive (V+)
BlackNegative (GND)


Solar Panel ONLY

If the unregulated solar panel output is solely required to power instrumentation, connect:

Molex WireElectronics Connection