CB-450 Data Buoy

The CB-450 data buoy is ideally suited for dredge turbidity monitoring, temperature profiling, dissolved oxygen monitoring, limnology research, and weather monitoring on inland lakes.

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CB-450CB-450Data buoy with polymer-coated foam hull & (3) 13-watt solar panels, 450 lb. buoyancyquick_quote


The CB-450 is light enough to be deployed from most small boats, yet it offers adequate power and charging for rigorous instrument sampling and data transmission.


Three integrated 13-watt solar panels are angled and evenly spaced around the buoy to capture sunlight from any direction and provide adequate battery charging.

Data Well

A 10-inch diameter by 18-inch tall data well provides a watertight housing for batteries, data loggers, sensors, and other hardware.


The data well lid provides pass-through connections for sensors, power, venting, and more. When integrated with the optional NexSens X2-CB data logger, the system is truly plug-and-play.

Top-to-Bottom Ports

Three 4-inch pass-through ports allow for sensors to be mounted underwater while securely routing the cable. Instrument deployment pipes and custom sensor mounts attach to 4-inch NPT bottom threads.

Solar Beacon

The optional solar marine light has a one to three nautical mile range and securely mounts to the buoy top plate for maximum visibility.

Data Logging

The X2-CB data logger replaces the standard pass-through data well lid for turnkey systems. Alternatively, 3rd party data loggers can be integrated by the user inside the data well.

Wireless Communications

Communication options using the X2-CB data logger include Wi-Fi, radio-to-shore, cellular, and Iridium satellite.

Built to Last

Constructed of cross-linked polyethylene foam with a heavy polymer skin and an indestructible stainless steel frame, the CB-450 is designed for years of service.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
CB-A05-1CB-A05-1Battery harness with integrated solar regulator & (1) 28 A-Hr batteryquick_quote
CB-A05-2CB-A05-2Battery harness with integrated solar regulator & (2) 28 A-Hr batteriesquick_quote
X2-CBX2-CBX2-CB buoy-mounted data loggerquick_quote
X2-CB-C-VZ4GX2-CB-C-VZ4GX2-CB buoy-mounted data logger with Verizon 4G LTE cellular telemetryquick_quote
X2-CB-C-AT4GX2-CB-C-AT4GX2-CB buoy-mounted data logger with AT&T 4G LTE cellular telemetryquick_quote
X2-CB-IX2-CB-IX2-CB buoy-mounted data logger with Iridium satellite telemetryquick_quote
X2-CB-R-DGX2-CB-R-DGX2-CB buoy-mounted data logger with 900 MHz radio telemetryquick_quote
M550-F-YM550-F-YSolar marine light with flange mount & 1-3 nautical mile range, 15 flashes per minute, yellowquick_quote
914M914MDeployment pipe assembly with stop bolt & threaded male adapter, 4" schedule 80 PVC, 32" lengthquick_quote
CB-CCACB-CCACage anti-rotation collar for CB-Series data buoysquick_quote
BAL25BAL25Stainless steel ballast weight for CB-Series data buoys, 25 lb.quick_quote
CB-ZACB-ZASacrificial zinc anode for CB-Series data buoysquick_quote
CB-WS-MCB-WS-MLufft WS-Series weather sensor mount for CB-Series data buoysquick_quote
CB-WX-MCB-WX-MAirmar WX-Series weather sensor mount for CB-Series data buoysquick_quote
CB-OFF-MCB-OFF-MSolar tower instrument offset mount for CB-150/CB-450 data buoysquick_quote
CB-PW-AC-60WCB-PW-AC-60WBattery float charger for CB-A05-X battery harness, UW 6-pin plug to AC adapter, 60Wquick_quote
UW-BULKUW-BULKUW sensor bulkhead connector assembly with 1m flying lead cablequick_quote
RF-BULKRF-BULKN-Style RF bulkhead connector assembly with SMA connector cablequick_quote
UW-PRVUW-PRVUW pressure relief valvequick_quote
SVS-603-UWSVS-603-UWInertial wave sensor for wave height, period & direction. Housed in waterproof enclosure with UW plug connector for CB-Series data buoysquick_quote