Eureka Manta+ X-Series Integration Guide

Real-Time Water Quality Measurements

The Eureka Manta-Series of Water Quality Sondes are compatible with NexSens X-Series data loggers via the RS-232 sensor interface. Depending on the installed probes, these sondes can measure various water quality parameters selected within the Manta 2 Control Software. A pre-defined script on NexSens X-Series data loggers is able to detect, log, and transmit all parameters available on Eureka Manta-Series Sondes. Parameter data is transmitted, in real-time, at a user-specified interval (e.g., 10 minutes) to the NexSens WQData LIVE Web Datacenter. There, data is stored on customizable dashboards with statistics and graphical interfaces for each parameter. Users can download and send data reports via Email, FTP, or an API. Below is information on the settings and wiring required to integrate these sensors with a NexSens X-Series data logger.


Figure 1: Eureka Manta Sonde integration with NexSens X-Series data loggers for real-time water quality measurements.




Compatible Models

All models within the Eureka Manta-Series of Water Quality Sondes, shown below, are compatible with NexSens X-Series data loggers. By selecting the appropriate parameters and order using the included Eureka communication cables, the sensors can be ready for integration with X-Series data loggers.

Figure 2: Eureka Trimeter


Figure 3: Eureka Manta 20+


Figure 4: Eureka Manta 25+


Figure 5: Eureka Manta 30+

Figure 6: Eureka Manta 35+

Figure 7: Eureka Manta 40+




Sonde Integration

All Eureka Sondes used with a NexSens data logger must have the proper parameters selected to output before integrating. Upon sensor detection, the data logger will read and save the parameter list. Thus, any sonde connected to the same sensor port on the data logger must have the same parameter list (including the order) unless a new sensor detection occurs.

1. Set the Parameter List

  1. Download and open the Manta 2 Control Software and connect the sonde via the Eureka Manta+ communication cable.
  2. Navigate to Manta 2 | Sensors and Parameters List.

Figure 8: Eureka sonde sensor and parameter list.


  1. Select the appropriate parameters and their order.
    1. Typically, the available parameters are pre-selected before the sonde is shipped from the factory; however, the units for each probe can be determined by the user.
    2. Available parameters will usually have the sensor name, firmware version, port number, serial number, and the Sensor Response Factor.

Figure 9: Eureka sonde parameter selection.


  1. After selecting the appropriate parameters, view the live data output to ensure the correct parameters and parameter order are displayed.
    1. The Date and Time parameter will always be shown and is not within the parameter selection.

Figure 10: Eureka sonde live data output.


2. Automatic Sensor Detection

After setting a parameter template and directly connecting the sonde to an X-Series data logger, the sonde and its parameters can be programmed onto the logger via automatic detection.

X-Series Logger Detection and Script Information

The X-Series data loggers include a pre-loaded Eureka Sonde script, which must be enabled before running a sensor detection. Follow the link below to enable the proper script.

Configure Sensor Scripts

Logger Script NumberSensor InterfaceBaud RatePower TypeWarmup Period (sec)Frame


Read Sensor Configuration – Confirm Sensor Detection

After ~5-10 minutes, read the sensor configuration to confirm the Eureka Sonde and other sensors have been detected on the data logger. Thoroughly review the parameter list to ensure all parameters are accounted for and are measured in the desired units. Let the unit gather a few readings to confirm accurate and reasonable parameter data.

Read Sensor Configuration


3. Setting up WQData LIVE

Once an X-Series data logger has finished a new sensor detection, it will automatically push the sensor configuration to the WQData LIVE Web Datacenter. Follow the three articles below to create a WQData LIVE account and a project/site. Then add the data logger to the project using the included claim code.



Real-Time System Application

Real-time water quality measurements from the Eureka Manta-Series of Water Quality Sondes are useful in various environmental monitoring applications.

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