X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger

The X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger is a rugged, self-powered data logging and telemetry system for deploying environmental sensors in or near water without fear of accidental flooding.

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ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
X2-SDLX2-SDLX2-SDL submersible data loggerquick_quote
X2-SDL-C-2G3GX2-SDL-C-2G3GX2-SDL submersible data logger with 2G/3G cellular telemetryquick_quote
X2-SDL-C-VZ4GX2-SDL-C-VZ4GX2-SDL submersible data logger with Verizon 4G LTE cellular telemetryquick_quote
X2-SDL-C-AT4GX2-SDL-C-AT4GX2-SDL submersible data logger with AT&T 4G LTE cellular telemetryquick_quote
X2-SDL-IX2-SDL-IX2-SDL submersible data logger with Iridium satellite telemetryquick_quote
X2-SDL-R-DGX2-SDL-R-DGX2-SDL submersible data logger with 900 MHz radio telemetryquick_quote
X2-SDL-R-DG24X2-SDL-R-DG24X2-SDL submersible data logger with 2.4 GHz radio telemetryquick_quote


The X2-SDL is designed with impact-resistant PVC, two elastomer bumpers, shock-mounted electronics and redundant seals. It can withstand extreme wave action, floods and underwater deployment to 200 ft.

Underwater Connectors

All connections are made with a simple waterproof thread-in connector. This removes the complications and errors associated with connecting individual wires.

Extended Battery Life

The X2-SDL operates for months on sixteen D-cell alkaline batteries. For longer deployments, extra alkaline battery packs and solar charging options are available.


When communicating via wireless telemetry, measurement data streams directly to the WQData LIVE web datacenter.

Communication Options

Real-time telemetry options include cellular, satellite, and radio. All communication modules are securely housed within the submersible enclosure, and a waterproof antenna is integrated on the top of the device.

Measurement Versatility

The X2-SDL is configured with three sensor ports to interface with multi-parameter sondes, water quality sensors, temperature strings, Doppler velocity meters, water level sensors, and more. Supported sensor interfaces include SD-12, RS-485 and RS-232.

Buoy Integration

The CB-50 data buoy is designed to accommodate the NexSens X2-SDL submersible data logging system for unattended deployment in lakes, rivers, and coastal waters.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
SDL-CAPSDL-CAPX2-SDL submersible antenna capquick_quote
UW6-USB-485PUW6-USB-485PDirect connect USB PC cable, X2/V2quick_quote
UW-CONUW-CONUW plug connectorization of sensor cable assemblyquick_quote
CB-50CB-50Data buoy with polymer-coated foam hull, 50 lb. buoyancyquick_quote
CAGECAGEStainless steel instrument cage, 28"quick_quote
CM-500CM-500X2-SDL instrument cage mountquick_quote