TriOS NICO UV Nitrate Sensor: X2 Integration Guide


Sensor Software

The TriOS NICO sensor software is available using the TriOS G2 interface box. Using the web interface, the user will have the ability to calibrate the TriOS NICO sensor and make adjustments to the internal data logging, measurement intervals, measurement averaging, and the sensor’s communication protocol. Additionally, stored data will be available for download.

TriOS NICO G2 Interface Box: (1) 12-24VDC 2.1 mm Barrel Power Receptacle (2) M12 Industrial Receptacle (3) Ethernet Receptacle



Sensor Software Connection

  1. Use the Subconn 8-pin Receptacle Connector to M12 Industrial Plug (MCIL-8-FS to M12 cable adapter) to connect the TriOS NICO sensor to the M12 Receptacle (2) on the G2 Interface Box.

MCIL-8-FS to M12 cable adapter



TriOS NICO sensor connection to G2 Interface Box



  1. Connect the included ethernet cable between the RJ45 socket (3) on the G2 Interface box and a PC.

G2 Interface Box ethernet connection



  1. Power the sensor and the G2 Interface Box by suppling 12 or 24 VDC to the 2.1 mm barrel connector (1).
  2. Type one of the following URL’s into a browser to open the web interface.
    1. http://nico/ 
    2. http://nico_FXXX/ (FXXX is the serial number) 


TriOS NICO Web Interface Main Screen



Measurement Interval Adjustments

  1. The default measurement interval for the TriOS NICO sensor is 1 minute. Based on the NexSens generated script for the TriOS NICO sensor, this interval should not exceed 1 minute; however, it can be set to any shorter duration.

Default TriOS Measurement Settings


  1. Automatic measurement must be enabled for the X2 to receive measurements from the sensor.

Enable automatic measurement


  1. All other default parameters should remain the same.
  2. The TriOS NICO UV Nitrate sensor uses the following default communication protocol (leave as default):
    1. Baud: 9600
    2. Data Bits: 8
    3. Parity: None
    4. Stop Bits: 1
  1. Follow the included TriOS NICO manual for more detailed sensor information.


X2 Connection
The mechanical wiper and sensor are connected to a UW-2W splitter, which is connected to a single port on the X2. Power is sent to both units and the wiper completes three oscillations over the optics before each reading.

  1. Connect the MCIL-8-FS-x cable between the sensor and one of the open ports on the UW-2W splitter. Insert the wiper plug into the open receptacle on the UW-2W splitter.

TriOS sensor and wiper X2 connection through NexSens UW-2W splitter.


  1. The TriOS NICO UV Nitrate sensor communicates with the X2 using script 1014-V6 OTT ecoN. Enable this sensor script on the X2 by following the article below.
    1. Configure Sensor Scripts in CONNECT


TriOS NICO UV Nitrate Sensor



  1. Plug the UW-2W splitter into an open port on the X2. Follow the X2’s quick start guide for proper sensor detection and upload to WQData Live.