• CB-40 Data Buoy

    The CB-40 offers a compact and affordable platform for deploying water quality sondes and other instruments that integrate power and data logging

  • CB-50 Data Buoy

    The CB-50 data buoy is designed for quick deployment in emergency response situations including industrial spills and natural disasters

  • CB-150 Data Buoy

    The CB-150 data buoy is designed for smaller water bodies, portable or short-term deployments, and applications requiring compact or low-power sensors

  • CB-450 Data Buoy

    The CB-450 data buoy is ideally suited for dredge turbidity monitoring, temperature profiling, dissolved oxygen monitoring, limnology research, and weather monitoring on inland lakes

  • CB-650 Data Buoy

    When extra buoyancy is not required, the CB-650 offers a compact platform with convenient tower mounting for met sensors, navigation lights, and radar reflectors

  • CB-950 Data Buoy

    The CB-950 offers sufficient power and sensor payload for demanding instruments including video cameras, ADCP’s and more

  • CB-1250 Data Buoy

    The CB-1250 offers increased flotation and solar charging for heavy or power-hungry sensors while still maintaining a relatively small footprint