WQData LIVE Web Datacenter User Guide

  1. First-Time Setup

Creating a WQData LIVE Account

Creating a Project on WQData LIVE

Adding a Data Logger to a Project on WQData LIVE

  1. Project/Site Dashboard Features

Adjusting the Dashboard Map

Create Custom Project Dashboard

Dashboard Panels

Uploading a Project Image

Uploading a Project Logo

  1. Parameters Settings

Adjust Parameter Display Settings

Hide/Show Parameters

Updating Diagnostic Settings

  1. Device Remote Configuration Tool

Changing Sensor Logging Intervals

Changing Data Logger Transmission Interval

Configuring Event Based Transmission (G2/iSIC V2 Only)

Configuring Parameter Offsets

Name a Logger

Run Sensor Detection

  1. Advanced Device Remote Configuration

Choosing Which Parameters are Logged & Transmitted (X2 Only)

Setup Iridium (SBD) Data Account for WQData LIVE

Setup a Gmail Account to Allow WQData LIVE Access (Iridium)

Configure Iridium X2 Logger on WQData LIVE

X2 Selective Data Upload

  1. Data Report Tool

Generating Data Reports

Customizing Data Reports

Saving Data Reports

Downloading and Sending Data Reports

Adjusting Auto-Report Generation Offsets

Delete Saved Report

  1. Data Export Tool

CSV Format



Predefined Tag List 

Date Range Configuration

Download/Send Data Exports

  1. Administrator Settings

Adding/Removing Users from a Project

Move Data Loggers Between Projects

Configure Public Portal

Enable LIVE Datacenter App

Setting Alarms

Setting Quick Alerts

Setting Rain Alerts

Update Alarm Contact Lists

Enable or Disable Configured Alarms

Test Alarm Notifications

Manage Data API Key

Data API Doc