Proteus Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensors

The Proteus is a multi-parameter sensor platform for accurate and reliable measurements of BOD, COD, TOC and Coliforms (total, E. coli or fecal) in temporary and permanent applications.


  • Built-in wiper cleans optical sensors prior to each measurement
  • Optional internal battery pack for standalone deployments
  • SDI-12 and RS-485 Modbus output for integration with data loggers & PLC's


The Proteus is a unique, patented and scientifically proven multi-parameter water quality probe. It can be fitted with up to 12 different sensors which can measure a multitude of different parameters simultaneously. Included in this list of sensors are an array of cutting-edge fluorometers that enable the previously unachievable real-time monitoring of:

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): BOD is a measure of the amount of oxygen that is used by bacteria and other microorganisms during the aerobic decomposition of organic matter.
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD): COD is a measure of the amount of oxygen that is required to dissolve both organic and inorganic matter with the water.
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC): TOC is a measure of the total amount of carbon present in organic compounds in a water source.
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC): A subset of TOC, dissolved organic carbon is the fraction of TOC which can pass through a 0.22 - 0.7µm pore size filter.
  • Total Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms and E. coli Coliforms: Coliforms are rod-shaped, gram negative bacteria. Total coliforms (TC) include all coliform bacteria that are present within the water source.


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P-35BASEP-35BASEProteus 35 base unit with temperature sensorrequest_quote
P-35BASE-IBPP-35BASE-IBPProteus 35 base unit with temperature sensor & internal battery packrequest_quote