Pro-Oceanus Mini Dissolved CO2 Probe

The Pro-Oceanus Mini CO2 probe is the most flexible instrument for dissolved CO2 measurements. It's ideally suited for high-variability environments.


  • Compact size with low power consumption
  • Large selection of concentration ranges
  • Internal data logger with 2GB flash memory


The Mini CO2 instrument uses infrared detection to measure the partial pressure of CO2 gas dissolved in liquids. With pCO2 ranges from 0-1000 ppm up to 0-100%, the Mini CO2 provides the versatility needed for any application.

Mini CO2 submersible instruments are compact, lightweight, plug and play sensors. The instrument also measures total dissolved gas pressure (TDGP), a useful parameter for many applications and data correction.

With resistance to most corrosive liquids, the Mini CO2 can provide reliable dissolved carbon dioxide data for many applications. Flow-through and in-line adapters are also available for simple and effective industrial solutions.


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M220M220Mini dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) probe with RS-232 output, includes power/communications boxrequest_quote