X2 Environmental Data Logger User Guide

  1. General

X2 Body Tag Identification

  1. Powering Up

Apply Power to the X2

UW-6 Universal Pinout

Data Logger Status LEDs

  1. Establish Communication

X2 Data Flow


Connect to an X2 via Wi-Fi

Setup Wi-Fi Network Configuration


Setup a 4G Cellular Account

SIM Card Installation

Configure Network APN



Setup a Gmail Account to Allow WQData LIVE Access

Setup Iridium SBD Data Account and Activate on WQData LIVE

Iridium Transmission Delay

  1. Connect Sensors

X2 Supported Sensors

UW Connectors

UW8 Sensor Port Pinout

UW8 Plug Pinout


Sensor Auto-Detection

Setup in WQData LIVE

Creating a Project on WQData LIVE

Adding a Data Logger to a Project on WQData LIVE

Changing Sensor Logging Intervals

Changing Data Logger Transmission Interval

Selective Data Upload

Run Remote Sensor Detection

Diagnostic Parameters

  1. Field Installation

Mounting Options

Data Logger Grounding

  1. Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Check Battery Voltage on SP-Solar Power Pack

Sensors Not Found During Detection

Replace Desiccant

Replace RF Cable Assembly

Storage Requirements

  1. Warranty

NexSens Warranty

  1. Service Request

NexSens Service Request