NexSens X2-CB User Guide

The X2-CB is an all-in-one environmental data logger specifically designed for use with a NexSens CB-Series data buoy. It automatically recognizes sensors and sends data to the web via cellular, radio, or satellite telemetry.

X2-CB Data Logger


Port Connection Overview

The X2-CB includes five sensor ports that are compatible with most environmental sensor protocols including SDI-12, RS-232, and RS-485. All sensor connections are established with a waterproof thread-in connector. Three additional ports are reserved for a CB-Series Solar tower input for charging, a Gortex Vent for relieving battery out-gassing pressure from the buoy data well, and an RF Antenna port for wireless communications.

X2-CB Sensor Ports

The 5 sensor ports have the following protocol capabilities:

Sensor port capabilities


Note:  Sharing RS-232 ports means that only one non-addressable device can be connected at a time. RS-485 and SDI-12 ports are shared throughout.

Power:  Each sensor port can supply a maximum of 1.5A current. Total sensor port current draw must not exceed 2A

Solar Panel Connection and Power

The 6-pin solar panel connector from a CB-Series buoy tower acts as a power switch. When connected to the SOLAR/COM port of an X2-CB, the solar panel connector completes a circuit delivering power from SLA batteries mounted in the data well to the logger and all connected electronics. At the same time, the batteries in the data well recharge through the solar panels and an internally-mounted solar regulator.

Disconnect the solar panel cable from the SOLAR/COM port of an X2-CB  to remove power from all sensors and devices during periods of storage. This will prevent the internal batteries from discharging and requiring premature replacement.

Top view of the X2-CB (SOLAR/COM port in the orange square)


First Time Setup

Connect Sensors

Note that certain sensors require configuration prior to interfacing with an X2-series data logger. See the sensor section of the NexSens Knowledge Base for setup information.

Knowledge Base

Connect all desired sensors to the X2-CB via any combination of the five available sensor ports after removing the pre-installed blank plugs.

Important:  Record the port number (P0, P1, or P2) occupied by each sensor.  After the initial setup, sensors must always be reconnected to the same port for proper communication.

Apply Power

To apply power to the X2-CB, insert the 6-pin plug from the solar tower into the 6-pin port labeled COM/SOLAR.

While connecting the power source:

  • Listen closely for the diagnostic beeps from the data logger
    • 1 immediate beep confirms the power connection
    • 2 beeps after ~20 seconds affirms a strong telemetry signal
    • 3 beeps after ~20 seconds indicates a weak telemetry signal (Try relocating the buoy or logger)

Configure WQData LIVE Data Center

WQData LIVE interface


WQData LIVE is a Cloud Data Center used in conjunction with the X2-CB data logger to:

  • Upload and store logged data
  • Generate and Export historical data reports
  • Monitor logger diagnostics
  • Remotely configure logger settings

Complete the following to set up the data center project for the X2-CB. Once complete, verify that sensor detection completed successfully and all sensors and parameters have been updated on the web.

  1. Creating a WQData LIVE Account
  2. Creating a Project on WQData Live
  3. Add a Data Logger to a Project on WQData Live