Creating a WQData LIVE Account

WQData LIVE is the web-based project management service that allows users to collect and manage data from NexSens G2, X2 and V2 data logging platforms. The Basic tier is free to use, while the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise subscription tiers offer an array of advanced project and data management features.

To get started with WQData LIVE, first create an account:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill out the form to create the account.
    1. Select the proper time zone to ensure all dashboard data and reports display accurate timestamps.
WQData LIVE Web-based project management

Figure 1: WQData LIVE Create Account form.


  1. Select Continue when finished and a success notification, along with an email verification request, will be shown.

Figure 2: Account creation confirmation.


  1. Click the emailed confirmation link to complete activation of the new WQData LIVE web-based project management account.
  1. The link will redirect to the account login menu. Signing in for the first time will take the user to the Account Summary menu, where settings such as the local time zone can be configured.

Figure 3: Account login redirect.

Figure 4: Account Summary settings.


  1. Proceed to creating a WQData LIVE project to continue the startup process.