Direct Data Upload

Data from any X2 data logger can be downloaded using the CONNECT PC Utility and a UW6-USB-485P cable.

  1. Connect the X2 logger to a PC and launch the CONNECT software.
  2. From the CONNECT screen, select the Upload tab.

Select the Upload tab in CONNECT.



  1. Select Read Configuration.
    1. CONNECT will scan the X2 and compile a list of all sensors and parameters that are being collected by the system.

CONNECT reading the X2 sensor/parameter configuration.



  1. Once the configuration has been processed, the Logger View tab on the left will display the system serial number and all sensors with their respective parameter list.

Read Configuration successful. All parameters being recorded by the X2 are displayed in the Logger View tab.



  1. From the Logger View window, check the box next to those parameters for which data should be uploaded.
    1. It is often desirable to skip over the (12) diagnostic X2 Meta Parameters to hasten the upload process.
    2. Upload speed will vary depending on the number of parameters being uploaded, the frequency with which they were logged, and the length of time for which the data record has been collected.

Select the parameters for the system that the data should be uploaded for.



  1. Click Upload Data.
    1. The progress window will display the parameter number which is currently being uploaded.

Data Upload in progress.


    1. Once all available data for the selected parameters have been uploaded, a prompt will appear indicating the successful completion.

Data upload completed successfully.



  1. Click the Open Data Folder button from the Upload tab to jump to the .csv location and access the files.

X2 Logger Data Folder


Individual Parameter csv data files


Download Utility Notes

  • The CONNECT utility presently names files based on the parameter names and default units.
    • In a coming release, individual parameter csv files will be able to be merged into a single csv file for the X2.
  • Subsequent downloads from the X2 on the same PC will resume from the last downloaded data point and append the original csv file if present.
    • If the data files are deleted or transferred out of the CONNECT data folder, starting another download will create a new csv (resuming from the same point).
    • To re-download starting from the beginning the ‘CFG’ folder inside the CONNECT installation directory needs to be deleted and the program re-launched.