Green Roof Monitoring

Living roofs are natural, aesthetically pleasing solutions for decreasing storm water runoff, reducing energy costs, moderating the Urban Heat Island effect as well as providing additional habitat for animals in the city. Water collected in these systems can support irrigation needs for your system as well.

Depending on project goals and desired outcomes, evaluating the benefits of installing a green roof can be done multiple ways. Data loggers powered by solar energy push data from soil moisture probes and water quality instruments to the cloud for a real-time look at the efficacy of your system.

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NexSens MAST Aluminum Mounting Pole

The MAST is designed for quick deployment of remote data logging and telemetry systems. The X2 data logger and solar panel/battery pack can all be mounted to the MAST prior to deployment. These systems can be installed on the dam or along bridges, piers or other structures in the river or along the bank.

Vaisala WXT536 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor

The Vaisala WXT536 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor simultaneously measures air temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall and wind in a compact platform with optional heating.

NexSens WXT510-M Weather Sensor Mount

The WXT510-M is a PVC mount used for attaching Vaisala WXT-Series weather sensors and RM Young weather sensors to a 2" diameter pole with male NPT pipe threads.

SP-Series Solar Power Packs

The SP-Series Solar Power Packs feature a solar panel, regulator, and battery housed in a weather tight enclosure. Solar Power Packs are used to provide continuous power for X2 and V2 systems. All components are weather tight and designed to withstand harsh conditions.

NexSens X2 Environmental Data Loggers

The X2 is an all-in-one environmental data logger with a large plug-and-play sensor library and ultra-low power consumption that can be controlled from any internet browser using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. It automatically recognizes sensors and sends data to the web via Wi-Fi, cellular, radio, or satellite telemetry.

Stevens Hydra Probe II Soil Moisture Sensor

The Stevens Hydra soil moisture sensor provides simultaneous measurement of soil moisture, salinity, and temperature using a unique patented design.

NexSens A50 Junction Box

The A50 Junction Box simplifies the process of using multiple sensors for one data logger.

Case Studies


Green Roof Monitoring

Conservation Consultants, Inc. has been a strong advocate of energy conservation education for nearly 30 years. Its downtown Pittsburgh office, formerly an old vacant building, has become a green showcase with solar panels, state-of-the-art lighting, and efficient energy usage. Each year, hundreds of school children tour the CCI Center to learn the benefits of smart energy. One of CCI’s most recent green projects was the installation of a green roof atop its office building. A green roof is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or another growing medium, planted over a waterproof membrane.

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Educational Green Roof Project

Officials at Muhlenberg College, a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, had begun work on a sustainable redesign of the college’s student union building. As part of their planning process, they decided to consult with those who use the facility most – the students. After talking with them, it became clear that students at Muhlenberg wanted to retrofit the old student union building to be less impactful to the environment. But as the students made clear to the administrators, they still wanted the union to retain some of its old-school charm.

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Tracking Green Parking Lot Runoff

When planners sat down to put together designs for a parking lot in southeast Michigan, they intended for it to be the end of the road for cars traveling through a series of parks near Detroit. That’s why the parking lot turned out so large, covering 42-acres near Lake St. Clair. But instead of serving as a prime parking area, the planners soon found that drivers had begun utilizing surrounding freeways and the lot was left practically empty year round. The giant lot, though it supports many seagulls that live around the lake, became a concern for park managers because of the runoff it contributes to Lake St. Clair.

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