Common Tools Required for Deployment and Maintenance

During a buoy deployment or maintenance, the tools required will vary based on the buoy accessories purchased with the order, including beacons, sensors, and sensor mounts. However, a host of tools will be necessary across nearly all data buoy platforms. Any technician responsible for a buoy deployment or maintenance should bring the following tools to the field.


Common Tools Across All CB-Series Buoy Platforms

ToolUseAssociated Links
5/16″ Allen wrenchUsed to remove the top cover of sensor deployment pipes.Remove a buoy deployment pipe cover
Pair of 1-1/8″ or crescent wrenchesUsed to tighten the castle nut on cages, ballast weights and CB-CCA Anti-Rotation Collars.CB-CCA Quick Start Guide
CB-Series Ballast Weight 
4-mm Allen wrenchUsed to install and replace sacrificial zinc anodes.Use of Sacrificial Anodes on CB-Series Data Buoys
Digital voltmeter/multimeterUsed to check the charge on the internal batteries and to test the solar tower.Check Buoy Battery Voltage,
Test a CB-Series Solar Tower
9/16″ socket wrenchUsed to remove the top white plate to install top-side sensor mounts and to remove the buoy plate for desiccant and battery replacements.Replace a Desiccant in the Buoy Data Well
10-mm socket wrench with extensionUsed to remove the solar regulator for internal battery replacements.Replace a Buoy Battery
Pack of zip tiesZip ties are a useful tool for securing sensor cables and providing security around components that may come loose due to movement and vibration (i.e., cotter pin on instrument cage, shackle pin on mooring lines).
Cable armor/electrical tapeApply cable armor or electrical tape on sensor cables in areas where the cable will constantly rub against abrasive surfaces (e.g., within the deployment pipe, near the instrument cage or mooring line). Over time, a cable can be damaged or cut due to the constant abrasion.
O-ring grease and lint-free wipesIt is advised to pack multiple tubes of O-ring grease to apply onto all sensor plugs. Ensure to wipe down with lint-free wipes to remove all debris from the O-ring. If a battery or desiccant replacement is necessary, it is best to wipe down the data well O-ring with a lint-free cloth and then apply an even amount of O-ring grease before reinstalling the data logger.



Tools for NexSens X2-CB/X2-CBMC Data Loggers

ToolUseAssociated Links
UW6-USB-485P Direct Communication CableDirectly communicate with an X2-CB/X2-CBMC series data logger using the CONNECT software.X2-CB (Cellular), X2-CB (Iridium)
Field laptop loaded with the CONNECT software.CONNECT is a software utility that enables users to interface directly with any NexSens X2-Series data logger using a UW6-USB-485P cable.

Note: The UW6-USB-485P cable must be plugged into the field laptop while it has internet connection for the USB drivers to install properly.

CONNECT Software Download
CONNECT Software User Guide



Tools for Top-Side Sensor Mounts

ToolUseAssociated Links
3/4″ socket wrenchUsed to install the extension mount for many top-side sensors on CB-150, CB-250 & CB-450 buoy models.Airmar Weather Station Mount,
Gill Weather Station Mount,
Li-COR PAR Sensor Mount,
Lufft Weather Station Mount
Pair of 7/16″ socket wrenchesUsed to install the M550 beacon, M650 beacon, and CB-RR Radar Reflector on CB-650 and larger buoy models.M550 Solar Marine Light
M650 Solar Marine Light
CB-RR Radar Reflector
Philips head screwdriverUsed to complete mounting of Gill Maximet Weather Station.Gill Weather Station Mount
13-mm wrench or hex driverUsed to mount the CMB1 bracket for a Kipp & Zonen Radiometer on CB-650 and larger buoy models.Kipp & Zonen CMB1 Buoy Mount



Tools for Bottom-Side Sensor Mounts

ToolUseAssociated Links
9/16″ socket wrenchUsed to install a Nortek Aquadopp Current Profiler and EXO-series sondes in custom NexSens mounts.Aquadopp ADCP Buoy Mount
Aquadopp Current Profiler Mooring Cage
EXO Sonde Mooring Cage
3/16″ Allen wrenchUsed to install Thermistor string clamps (TS-clamps) for NexSens temperature strings and the Nortek Signature 1000 in a custom NexSens cage.Thermistor String Mooring Clamp Kit (TS-Clamp)
Signature 1000 Cage
2.5-mm Allen wrenchUsed for the first step in the PAR-Arm Mounting Guide. Other tools include: Philips-head screwdriver, Flat-head screwdriver, 3/8″ socket wrench, 7/16″ socket wrench, and 9/16″ socket wrenchUnderwater PAR Sensor Mount