scour monitoring at bridges

Scour Monitoring at Bridges

Scour monitoring beneath abutments, bridges, piers, and other underwater structures is important for early-warning and preventative management strategies and commonly use sonar based sensors.

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nutrient monitoring nitrate

Nutrient Monitoring – Nitrate

Nitrate, phosphate, and other nutrients are increasingly important indicators of the overall health of a water system. Real-time nutrient monitoring with NexSens telemetry systems offers critical insight into these water quality changes over time.

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flood warning real-time notification

Flood Warning – Real-time Notification

Although flooding is more likely in some regions than in others, it’s possible almost anywhere. As weather patterns change and become more unpredictable and more extreme weather events occur, flooding will become more common. And while it may seem intuitive that bad weather might cause flooding, general information isn’t enough to save lives and protect […]

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