data buoys for short deployments

Data Buoys for Short Deployments

Water quality monitoring that requires immediate action or a projects with short time periods can make use of easy-to-deploy data buoys that capture data in real time for the duration of your project.

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how to measure turbidity

How to Measure Turbidity

Planning/choosing the right instruments and processes for turbidity measurement can be a challenge. NexSens explores some of the best choices available in the context of experience and highlights the basic requirements for a successful system.

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weather stations hydromet stations

Weather Stations: Hydromet Systems

Hydrologic and meteorologic parameters are monitored using a hydromet system. NexSens Technology Inc., integrates weather sensors, data loggers and telemetry options to provide real-time monitoring capabilities.

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turbidity monitoring at dredge sites

Turbidity Monitoring at Dredge Sites

For regulatory or other needs, turbidity monitoring is and important aspect of any dredging project. Dredging affects water clarity and quality and should be monitored in real time to aid with remediation efforts associated with elevated turbidty.

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