iSIC V2 Environmental Data Logger

The iSIC V2 data logger is a drop-in replacement for existing iSIC data logger networks, or it can be a powerful standalone system using external wireless modems.

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iSIC-V2iSIC-V2iSIC V2 environmental data loggerquick_quote

Flexible Sensor Wiring

Sensors can be cabled through Sealcon gland fittings to ensure protection from the elements. Alternatively, a simple waterproof thread-in connector is available for a plug-and-play interface with many popular instruments.

Removable Terminals

Two 16-position removable screw terminals simplify the wiring of analog and digital sensors. The anodized aluminum housing is machined with the terminal designations that won't wear off over time.

Wireless Communication

External wireless modems offer real-time remote communication using iChart Software. Supported options include Sierra Wireless cellular modems, FreeWave radios, and Quake Global Iridium satellite modems.


Optional WQData Live web datacenter offers instant access to data on any web browser. Data is presented on a fully-featured and easy-to-use dashboard. Features include automated reports, alarms, push notifications and much more.

Measurement Versatility

Connect to water quality sondes, water level sensors, weather sensors, soil sensors, and more. Sensor interface options include RS-232, RS-485, SD-12, VDC, mA, and pulse count.

Weatherproof Housing

All electronics are housed in a rugged enclosure constructed of anodized aluminum. A clear polycarbonate plate allows the user to quickly check wiring and diagnostic lights without removing the lid.

Easy Install

A specially designed mounting bracket holds the iSIC V2 to a 2" NPT pole for easy connection. The optional solar power pack also mounts to the pole and provides ample power for most applications.

Stainless Enclosure Option

The AVSS stainless steel enclosure kit offers a secondary level of protection with integrated 14 A-Hr battery, solar regulator, external antenna, six sensor ports, and pole/wall mounting hardware.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
PM1PM1iSIC V2 pole and wall mount kit, 1.5" to 2" diameterquick_quote
MASTMAST2" NPT threaded aluminum pipe assembly for hardware mounting, 24" lengthquick_quote
UW6-USB-485PUW6-USB-485PDirect connect USB PC cable, X2/V2quick_quote
UW6-PWUW6-PWAC power adapter, X2/V2/G2quick_quote
UW6-BBUW6-BBBattery backup with AC power adapter, X2/V2/G2quick_quote
UW6-FL1UW6-FL1UW 6-pin plug to flying lead cable, 1mquick_quote
SP8SP8Solar power pack, 8-watt. Includes solar panel, regulator, 6 A-Hr battery & pole mount weather tight enclosurequick_quote
SP13SP13Solar power pack, 13-watt. Includes solar panel, regulator, 6 A-Hr battery & pole mount weather tight enclosurequick_quote
AVSSAVSSStainless steel enclosure kit for V2 data loggers, includes 14 A-Hr battery, solar regulator & mountquick_quote
AVSS-CAVSS-CStainless steel enclosure kit for V2 data loggers with cellular telemetry, includes 14 A-Hr battery, solar regulator, external antenna & mountquick_quote
BSP35BSP3535-watt semi-flexible solar panel kit with pole mount bracket, 15 ft. cablequick_quote
UW-FL1UW-FL1UW plug to flying lead cable, 1mquick_quote
UW-FWPUW-FWPUW plug terminal for flying lead sensor interfacequick_quote
UW-FWP-VUW-FWP-VUW plug terminal for vented flying lead sensor interfacequick_quote