In-Situ TROLL cellular data logger
In-Situ TROLL cellular data logger

G2-ISI Water Level & Quality Monitor

The NexSens G2-ISI provides live data access to In-Situ smart sensors. Included solar power pack and integral cellular system provide real-time data and notifications.



connects to In-Situ TROLL and AQUATROLL

Simple Integration with In-Situ

Connect an In-Situ Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL, or RDO sensor to the G2-ISI's connector and let the system autodetect the pre-configured parameter output and begin recording. No need to manually configure the logger to record the correct data.

real-time data

Real-Time Updates

An embedded cellular modem provides live, customizable water level and quality notifications on a mobile device or computer.

complete data collection platform

Fully Featured Design

The G2-ISI incorporates logger, transmitter, solar power, and online data management into a streamlined design. All equipment comes pre-mounted to a 2" NPT MAST. This simplifies setup and maintenance and allows the system to be used in a wide range of applications and environments. Simply connect the In-Situ smart sensor and the G2-ISI begins recording and transmitting data.

cloud data

WQData LIVE Web Data Portal

View live and historic data in a simple and intuitive interface from any web-enabled device. WQData LIVE is optimized for mobile devices to provide a great experience regardless of screen size.

cellular configuration

Remote Configuration

No need for a site visit to make configuration changes. Queue the commands online and the remote G2-ISI will be configured on the next transmission connection.

Tech Specs

G2-ISI Logger
Mounting: 2" NPT pipe thread (Wall/Panel mount capable)
: Aluminum mast, polycarbonate enclosure
Weight: 19 lbs.
Dimensions: 26” height, 9.9" width
Temperature Range: -30 to 70 °C
Rating: IP65
Memory: Over 20M data points before rollover (Over 30 years with 8 parameters and a 15 minute interval)
Sensor Connector: Twist-Lock
Power Pack: SP8 - 8W solar panel with 12V 6AHr SLA battery
Power Connector: NexSens UW-6 Receptacle
Communication: Verizon or AT&T 4G cellular modem
Transmission Trigger: Parameter threshold, time-based
User Interface: NexSens WQData LIVE web portal
Log Interval: User configurable from 1 minute (15 minute default)1
User Parameters: Parameter list dependent on configuration of attached instrument
Diagnostic Data Parameters: Input Power, Internal Temperature, Internal Humidity, Cell Signal Strength, Cell Module Power, Processor Power, Processor Current, RTC Power, Cell Module Current, Cell Status

1System power consumption and availability vary based on configuration and location. Please utilize the Power Calculator to determine application specific requirements.

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