What files are required for a Main SD card replacement?

If the Main SD card fails in an X2 data logger, the following files will be provided by a NexSens technician for the replacement SD card. Upload the files to the replacement card in the following format.

X2 Main SD card contents.


  • DL100.bin & DL100.CRC
    • These files contain the latest X2 mainboard firmware. Insert the files onto the SD card outside of all other folders. Once power is applied to the data logger, it will download the latest firmware from these files.
    • Note: Upon powerup, the X2 will have a ~30-second delay before following the typical buzzer indicator or LED pattern.
  • Scripts folder
  • SYSCONF folder
    • The SYSCONF folder contains the sensor and parameter library recognized by the X2 data logger and the WQData LIVE web datacenter.

Note: Once uploading the proper files, right-click the SD card drive and select ‘Eject’ to remove the SD card properly from the PC.