What do the LEDs on the X2 indicate?

The X2 contains two sets of (4) LEDs, which give insight into the operation of the data logger and Wi-Fi module, respectively. There is additionally a green LED for each magnet port that gives feedback that the magnet input is being triggered. Note that all LED operation is suspended in sleep mode. A magnet can be used to wake the unit up and display the current status.

Data Logger Status LEDs

Logger Status LED Locations


The data logger LEDs function as follows:

LED Color1 second interval3 second interval5 second interval3 quick blinks every 5 secondsSolid
GreenPrimary power heartbeatSecondary power heartbeatBackup power heartbeatn/an/a
Bluen/an/aWeak/No cell signalStrong cell signalWQDataLIVE integration successful1
Yellown/an/aData acquisition in progressn/aSensor calibration in progress
RedSignificant  system error2n/an/an/an/a

1WQData LIVE integration is automatically done after sensor detection is complete
2 System errors can result from internal sensors detecting high current, humidity, or pressure. These errors can be indicative of a leak or other major problem with the system that requires attention.

Wi-Fi Status LEDs

The Wi-Fi status LEDs are primarily used to determine whether the device is readily configured as an access point (Blue LED), or is connected to a configured network (Yellow LED).

Wi-Fi Status LED Locations


The Wi-Fi LEDs function as follows:

LED Color2 second interval5 second intervalSolid
GreenWi-Fi module power heartbeatn/aEmbedded web communication in progress
BlueWaiting for direct connectionDirectly connected to devicen/a
YellowSearching for network1Connected to networkn/a
RedFatal system errorn/an/a

1If a Wi-Fi network has been setup on the device and is available, the X2 will automatically connect to the configured network after 30 seconds without a direct connection being established