X2 LED Indicator Lights

The X2 contains two sets of (4) LEDs visible through the lid of the enclosure. These X2 LED indicator lights give insight into the operation of the data logger and Wi-Fi module, respectively. Two additional green LEDs beneath each magnet port give feedback when the magnet input is triggered. Note that all LED operation is suspended in sleep mode. A magnet can be used to wake the unit up and display its current status.

Data Logger Status LEDs

The main data logger status LEDs are found in the top transparent opening in the X2 faceplate and provide an indication of the power status, connectivity, system function, and more.


The data logger LEDs function as follows:

LED Color1 Second Interval3 Second Interval5 Second Interval3 flashes every 5 secondsSolid
GreenPrimary power heartbeatSecondary power heartbeatBackup power heartbeat
BlueWeak/No cell signalStrong cell signalWQDataLIVE integration successful1
YellowData acquisition in progressSensor calibration in progress
RedSignificant  system error2

1WQData LIVE integration is automatically done after sensor detection is complete
2System errors can result from internal sensors detecting high current, humidity, or pressure. These errors can be indicative of a leak or other major problem with the system that requires attention.

Figure 1: Logger Status LED Locations.



Wi-Fi Status LEDs

The Wi-Fi status LEDs are primarily used to determine whether the device is readily configured as an access point (Blue LED), or is connected to a configured network (Yellow LED). For more information on the operating modes please see X2 Wi-Fi Modes.


The Wi-Fi LEDs function as follows:

LED Color2 second interval5 second intervalSolid
GreenWi-Fi module power heartbeatEmbedded web communication in progress
BlueWaiting for direct connectionDirectly connected to device
YellowSearching for network1Connected to network
RedFatal system error

1If a Wi-Fi network has been setup on the device and is available, the X2 will automatically connect to the configured network after 30 seconds without a direct connection being established.


Figure 2: Wi-Fi Status LED Locations.