Using NexSens Electronics in CB-Series Data Buoys

Although users may provide their own electronics, including data loggers, modems, and batteries, many CB-Series data buoys are delivered as complete, plug-and-play system packages with a NexSens data logger as the central component of the system.

Data Loggers

NexSens offers four different data logging systems for buoy deployment, all of which are based on the central processing unit of the X2 environmental data logger:

  1. X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger – fully submersible unit designed for standalone operation or installed in the CB-50 platform
  2. X2-SDLMC Submersible Data Logger – fully submersible unit with topside wet-mate sensor connectors for standalone operation or installed in the CB-25 platform
  3. X2-CB Buoy-Mounted Data Logger – waterproof, lid-mounted package for integration on CB-Series data buoys with data well and solar charging (model CB-150 and larger)
  4. X2-CBMC Buoy-Mounted Data Logger – lid-mounted package with wet-mate connectors for use on CB-Series data buoys in challenging environments such as offshore, typical on model CB-650 and larger
X2-SDL data logger product page

Figure 1: X2-SDL data logger

X2-SDLMC data logger product page

Figure 2: X2-SDLMC data logger

X2-CB data logger product page

Figure 3: X2-CB data logger

X2-CBMC data logger product page

Figure 4: X2-CBMC data logger


Reference the Data Loggers section of the NexSens Knowledge Base for resources including Quick Start and User Guides to install, configure and operate NexSens data logger electronics with CB-Series data buoys. Data logger user guides include detailed instructions on interfacing with sensors and setting up transmission of data to the WQData LIVE web datacenter.

Battery Packs

X2-SDL and X2-SDLMC data loggers rely on internal batteries to supply power. X2-CB and X2-CBMC data loggers are designed for use on CB-Series data buoys with solar charging (model CB-150 and larger). These buoys have a data well for installation of battery packs, and the data logger serves as the top plate to provide a waterproof seal on the data well.

NexSens offers two standard types of battery harnesses, which include sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, solar regulator, mounting bracket and data logger connection cable pigtail (UW-6 connector):

  1. CB-A01-2 – contains two 8.5 A-hr batteries (CB-150 only)
  2. CB-A05-x – contains one to four 28 A-Hr batteries (depending on buoy capacity – see table below)

The following table shows what battery harness models each CB-Series data buoy model has capacity for in the data well. However, what model is selected should be based on a complete power budget analysis that includes system power demand, solar charge capacity (panel size) and available sunlight based on deployment location to aid in determining how much reserve battery power is needed.

See CB-Series Buoy Battery Capacities for additional relevant specifications and capacity information for the battery harnesses.






CB-1250xxx x


NexSens battery harnesses are typically shipped pre-installed in CB-Series data buoys. However, in cases where batteries need to be installed or replaced, detailed instructions can be found here.

Creating a Parts List

To obtain a complete parts list including recommended accessories and pricing for a CB-Series system based on the above components, fill out and submit the NexSens Buoy Configurator form.