CB-Series Data Buoy Instrument Mounts

CB-Series data buoys support a wide range of topside and subsurface instruments with uniquely designed buoy instrument mounts. Mounting accessories are available for many of the most commonly-used sensors and instruments. Click on each accessory name for product information and instructions for use.

Topside Buoy Instrument Mounts

GPS Receiver – Mounts for GPS positioning devices:

Radar Reflector – For passive reflection of radar waves and visibility:

Weather Sensors – Mounts for many of the most common meteorological sensors deployed on buoys:

Miscellaneous Mounts – Other mounting brackets:


Subsurface Buoy Instrument Mounts

Data Logger/Battery Pack Mounts – For mounting of NexSens X2-SDL data logger or SBP500 extra/reserve battery packs to instrument cage:

Instrument Deployment Pipes – For instrument installation and topside access using buoy pass through ports:

  • 912M – 2″ diameter for use with CB-150 and CB-250 buoys
  • 914M – 4″ diameter for use with CB-450 and CB-650 buoys
  • 916M – 6″ diameter for use with CB-950 buoy
  • 918M – 8″ diameter for use with CB-1250 buoy
  • 918M-PO4 – 8″ diameter for use HydroCycle PO4 sensor on CB-1250 buoy

Click for product information and instructions for use.

Miscellaneous Instrument Mounts – Mounting hardware for some commonly used sensors:

Profiling Instrument Mounts – Mounting brackets for commonly used current meters and profiler (ADCP) instruments:


A complete list of data buoy accessories is available here.