Buoy Ballast Weights

The table below indicates the minimum recommended buoy ballast weights for each CB-Series data buoy, assuming no additional topside weight and calm environmental conditions. Included instrument cages mounted to the buoy frame helps stabilize the buoy and provides a deeper location for mounting additional weight. The small model instrument cage (10 lbs.) is included with the purchase of CB-150, CB-250, & CB-450 buoy models and is an optional purchase for the CB-50. The large model instrument cage (26 lbs.) is included with the purchase of CB-650, CB-950, & CB-1250 buoy models. Typically, no additional ballast weight is necessary for the CB-25-SVS, CB-25, CB-40, CB-75-SVS, & CB-75 models as each buoy comes standard with either 1/2″ galvanized chain (CB-25, CB-25-SVS, CB-75, & CB-75-SVS) or an installed steel instrument pipe (CB-40) for ballast.

ModelBuoyancy (lbs.)1Minimum Recommended Ballast Weight (lbs.)2

1Net buoyancy is given for the CB-25-SVS to CB-450; Gross buoyancy is given for the CB-650 to CB-1250
2Minimum recommended ballast weight incorporates the weight of the included or optionally purchased instrument cage.
3Discontinued models

Important: To effectively provide adequate ballast weight, a variety of application-specific criteria (sensor weight and positioning, water level fluctuations, wave and current action, external loading, etc.) must be thoroughly reviewed prior to deployment. NexSens does not endorse using these specific buoy ballast weights for all applications.


For more information regarding buoy ballast weight and stability, please refer to the following article:

CB-Series Data Buoy Ballast Weight & Stability