Installing User-Supplied Electronics in CB-Series Data Buoys

NexSens CB-Series data buoys are flexible platforms that allow for use with both NexSens and user-supplied electronics. For user-supplied electronics, several accessories are available to facilitate installation inside the watertight data well.

Common Accessories

Battery mounts – While user-supplied electronics on CB-Series data buoys may receive power from NexSens-issued CB-A01-2 and CB-A05-x battery harnesses, users may also supply and install their battery and solar regulator systems in the data well. The bottom of the data well has two welded standoffs for connection of battery mount posts, and hardware for securing user-supplied batteries, including mounting posts, brackets, and foam inserts can be provided. Consult a NexSens Applications Engineer for available parts or the custom data buoy configuration guide.

Data well plates – Buoys may be delivered with various data well top plate options:

  • CB-PTL pass-through lid with gland fittings for running user-supplied flying lead cables into the data well, also compatible with bulkhead cable assemblies
  • CB-MCL wet-mate lid for use with MCBH wet-mate connectors in marine and other harsh environments
  • Blank plate with only bolt holes for users to drill custom hole patterns
  • No plate, user may machine custom plate using bolt hole pattern from NexSens

In most cases, the CB-PTL or CB-MCL is delivered with the buoy as these prefabricated lids offer both flexibility and ease of use.

CB-PTL pass through lid product page

Figure 1: CB-PTL pass through lid.

CB-MCL wet-mate lid product page

Figure 2: CB-MCL wet-mate lid.


Bulkhead cable assemblies – Ports on a CB-PTL may be interchanged with bulkhead cable assemblies for power, RF signals and sensor data cables. The following options are available:

  • UW6-BULK – 6-pin power cables for connection of batteries, solar panels and regulator (included)
  • RF-BULK – N-style female to SMA male RF cable assembly for use with modems placed inside data well
  • UW-BULK – 8-pin sensor receptacle for use with sensor cables with factory-installed UW plug connector; allows for external waterproof connection of user-supplied sensors

Instructions for installation and use of these bulkhead connector cables is available here.

UW6-BULK product page

Figure 3: UW6-BULK power cable assembly.

RF Bulkhead Connector Assembly product page

Figure 4: RF-BULK antenna cable assembly.

UW-BULK sensor cable assembly product page

Figure 5: UW-BULK sensor cable assembly.


Ports on a CB-MCL may receive blank plugs (CB0981), an RF-BULK adapter, and MCBH bulkhead cable assemblies:

  • MCBH Male –  Male 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin or 8-pin wet mateable bulkhead connectors
  • MCBH Female –  Female 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin or 8-pin wet mateable bulkhead connectors
MCBH Male Bulkhead Connectors product page

Figure 6: MCBH Male Bulkhead Connectors

MCBH Female Bulkhead Connectors product page

Figure 7: MCBH Female Bulkhead Connectors


Additional information on the connector types and other custom options is available here.

Securing Data Well Plate

When re-installing the plate, first verify that the large O-ring is in good condition, clear of debris, and lightly greased. Align the plate with the bolt holes on the buoy and place the provided bolts with lock washer. Tighten incrementally using a 9/16″ socket wrench in a cross-pattern as shown below (2-3 passes recommended) to ensure even load distribution and proper seal of the data well.

Figure 8: Tighten bolts in a cross-pattern to seal properly.