HABs Detection System

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are an issue associated with eutrophication, the presence of excess nutrients in water. Rapid growth of organisms like cyanobacteria can deplete oxygen levels, increase stratification, and produce harmful toxins. NexSens automated detection systems can help track HABs and predict when potentially hazardous conditions are forming.

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TriOS NICO UV Nitrate Sensor: X2 Integration Guide

The TriOS NICO UV Nitrate Sensor is an in-situ UV photometer that measures nitrate in lakes/rivers, drinking water, and wastewater applications. Nitrate is measured using the common principles of UV optical absorption utilized in laboratories worldwide. The sensor is compatible with the X2 data logger over the RS-485 sensor interface using the Modbus-RTU communication protocol. […]

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Lake Erie tributary monitoring

Lake Erie Tributary Monitoring

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District maintains multiple water quality monitoring stations along rivers that flow into Lake Erie near Cleveland.

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Eastern Lake Erie Dynamics

Buffalo State University

Researchers at Buffalo State University are studying water and weather at the deeper and less algae-prone eastern basin of Lake Erie near Dunkirk, New York.

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