Pro-Oceanus Mini Dissolved CH4 Probe

The Pro-Oceanus Mini CH4 probe is a rugged dissolved methane sensor for ocean pipeline leak detection, groundwater, and industrial use.


  • Compact size with low power consumption
  • Large selection of concentration ranges
  • Internal data logger with 2GB flash memory


The Mini CH4 instrument uses infrared detection to measure the partial pressure of CH4 gas dissolved in liquids. Conversion to dissolved methane concentration is simple with known temperature and salinity values.

Mini CH4 submersible instruments are compact, lightweight, plug and play sensors designed to measure pCH4 for a range of applications. The instrument also measures total dissolved gas pressure (TDGP), a useful parameter for many applications and data correction.

With resistance to most corrosive liquids, the Mini CH4 can provide reliable dissolved methane data for many applications. Flow-through and inline adapters are also available for simple industrial solutions.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
M320M320Mini dissolved methane (CH4) probe with RS-232 output, includes power/communications boxrequest_quote