Real-time Environmental Data

Anytime, Anywhere, Across multiple devices

Environmental monitoring software

The way we monitor the environment is changing.

The days of manual data collection at a few sites are gone. Complex wiring and data logger programming are things of the past. Technology has changed everything. Smartphones, WiFi, broadband and cloud computing let people gather information and communicate in real time from any place on earth. It’s never been easier to get information. And it’s easier to share.

Collecting and sharing environmental data is just as easy. Here at NexSens, we call this better data. Our goal is to help people collect and share better data. It’s why we do what we do and it’s why we created our next generation X2 data logger and WQData LIVE cloudbased data management system.

Shoreside systems

It’s easy to install wireless data logging, sensors and cameras on docks, bridges, weather towers and masts. Data is sent to the cloud for processing and sharing

Shoreside monitoring system

Open water systems

A full line of floating platforms support open water monitoring. Sensors and cameras can be installed topside or beneath the surface and data is sent to the cloud for processing and sharing.

Data buoys