NexSens X2/V2/G2 AC Power Adapter

A power adapter used to power NexSens X2, V2, or G2-Series systems from a wall outlet for continuous unattended monitoring applications.


  • Vented and waterproof UW-6 provides robust connection to instrument
  • Specifically designed to work seamlessly with NexSens X2, V2 and G2 instruments
  • 2A supply runs even high power draw systems


The UW6-PW AC adapter is used to supply power to X2, V2 and G2 instruments through NexSens' standard UW-6 underwater connector for continuous operation. The instrument connection end is waterproof and vented allowing for a wide range of deployment options.


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UW6-PWUW6-PWUW 6-pin plug to AC power adapter cable, 3mquick_quote