NexSens Gas Discharge Lightning Arrester

Lightning arresters are designed to protect radio, cellular and satellite equipment from harmful static electricity and lightning induced surges.


  • Protects equipment from lightning induced surge currents as high as 5,000 Amps
  • Copper grounding lug with stainless steel set screw enables a secure ground connection
  • Integral N-style connectors allow for connection to standard RF cables


The A39 gas discharge lightning arrester is designed to protect sensitive communication equipment from static electricity and lightning induced surges that travel on coaxial transmission lines. Product warranty requires properly grounded gas discharge lightning protection with all A41 Omni or A46 Yagi antenna based 4100-iSIC installations. Note that lightning protection installation requires an additional RF cable and ground kit.


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A39A39Gas discharge lightning arrestor, Type N female connector to Type N female connector