The NexSens iSIC-OEM supports RS485 communication, at either 9600 or 19200 baud, between the data logger and a RS485 network. RS485 connections are available through the MS8 connector for iSIC – OEM data loggers with Hardware version 6 or earlier. This is located on the outside of the iSIC – OEM enclosure.


MS8 Pin out

Figure 1: MS8 Details


On iSIC – OEM data loggers with hardware version 7 or beyond,  the MS8 connector is mostly used for connecting water quality sondes. Host RS485 is available through the iSIC – OEM DB9 port, while Sensor RS485 is available through the iSIC – OEM’s digital terminal strip.

When using RS485 mode, the iSIC – OEM address is used as the RS485 address. This address can be setup and changed in the Advanced | iSIC | iSIC tab (see Advanced Diagnostic Tools).

Communication to an RS485 iSIC can be either with a PC running iChart software using and RS485 to RS232 converter, or be configured to Modbus protocol and used by a PLC or other Modbus device.


REV: 13H05

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