Accessing the Device Remote Configuration Tool

The Device Remote Configuration Tool allows remote configuration of the following:

  • Change sensor logging and transmit intervals
  • Configure event based transmissions for G2 and V2 systems
  • Choose which parameters are logged and transmitted to the web
  • Configure parameter offsets
  • Name a data logger
  • Run a sensor detection
  • Sync X2 data logger settings


To access the Device Remote Configuration Tool:

  1. Navigate to theĀ ADMIN | SettingsĀ tab found at the top of the Dashboard.

Figure 1: ADMIN | Settings tab.


  1. Click on the Device Remote Configuration tab. Under this tab is a list of all the Sites and data loggers within the Project.
    1. Choose a data logger to configure.

Figure 2: Select device for configuration.


  1. The Device Configuration menu will open and display the current device settings. See the following articles from the WQData LIVE user guide for more information on sending remote commands:
    1. Change data logger transmission interval
    2. Change sensor logging intervals
    3. Set averaging for logged sensor data
    4. Configure event-based transmission (G2/iSIC V2 only)
    5. Configure parameter offsets
    6. Name a logger
    7. Run sensor detection

Figure 3: Example X2 device settings.