Changing Data Logger Transmission Interval

The Transmit Interval in the Device Remote Configuration Tool determines how often a data logger will power up its telemetry modem to contact the WQData LIVE web datacenter. On each transmission, the data logger will:

  • Upload all newly logged data.
  • Process all settings changes listed in the Command Queue.


To update a data logger transmission interval in WQData LIVE:

  1. Navigate to the Device Remote Configuration tool within the administrator settings.
    1. Select the Site and desired data logger to make adjustments.
  1. In the Transmit Interval section, enter the desired data logger transmission interval in the New Value field.
    1. Enter the interval in minutes. The accepted value range is from 5 minutes to a maximum of 1440 minutes (1 day).
    2. Note: Transmit frequency changes will impact system power consumption. Verify the sustainability of the selected value given the telemetry type and power source prior to adjusting the interval for solar-charged systems.

Figure 1: Enter the updated Transmit Interval value.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click SAVE. A success prompt should appear.
  1. Following the data logger’s next transmission to WQData LIVE, the transmission change will be applied and the Current Value field for the Transmit Interval will update.

Figure 2: Transmission interval update successfully applied.