Changing Sensor Log Intervals

Configure independent sensor Log Intervals for each device connected to an X2 or G2-Series data logger through the Device Remote Device Configuration tool.

To update sensor log intervals in WQData LIVE:

  1. Navigate to the Device Remote Configuration tool within the administrator settings.
    1. Select the Site and desired data logger to make adjustments.
  1. Locate the Log Interval section of the configuration menu and enter the desired data collection interval for each sensor into the New Value fields.
    1. Accepted values are from 5 minutes to 1440 minutes (1 day).
    2. Note: Increasing the logging frequencies of sensors will increase power demand for the system. Verify the sustainability of the adjustment if the system relies on solar-charged battery power for operation.
    3. Note: Certain sensors take multiple minutes to record and process a reading. Contact NexSens to verify the maximum recommended sampling frequency of a device before increasing its frequency.

Figure 1: Enter desired log interval changes into the New Value field for each sensor.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click SAVE. A success prompt should appear.
  1. Following the data logger’s next transmission to WQData LIVE, the log interval change(s) will be applied and the Current Value fields will reflect the new log intervals.

Figure 2: Log interval update successfully applied.