Run Remote Sensor Detection

A new sensor detection can be administered on an X2 data logger from WQData LIVE. Before proceeding, reference the X2 Sensor Detection overview and the Auto-Detection Troubleshooting guide. The detection process will permanently alter the X2 data logger programming and should only be attempted when a new sensor is being added to the system or changes are being made to existing sensor configurations.

To run a remote sensor detection through WQData LIVE:

  1. Navigate to the Device Remote Configuration tool within the administrator settings.
    1. Select the site and desired data logger to make adjustments.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and locate the Others section.

Others section of the Device Remote Configuration tool.


  1. In the Detect Sensor row, set the New Value field next to Yes.

Next to Detect Sensor set the New Value field argument to Yes.


  1. Click SAVE and complete the confirmation prompt to submit the command for processing.
    1. Prior to submitting the sensor detection command, double-check that all considerations laid out in the Sensor Detection Troubleshooting guide have been met.

Sensor detection confirmation prompt.


  1. At the next scheduled logger transmission, the sensor detection command will be applied. Depending on the number of sensor scripts enabled, this process can take 2-15 minutes to complete.