Configuring Parameter Offsets

Any sensor parameter collected by an X2 data logger may have a linear offset applied to it. These offsets can be entered in the Basic Remote Device Configuration menu on WQData LIVE.

To configure data offsets:

  1. Navigate to the Device Remote Configuration tool within the administrator settings.
    1. Select the site and desired data logger to make adjustments.
  2. Scroll down to the Parameter Offset section of the menu.

Parameter Offset submenu.


  1. Click the appropriate sensor to expand its parameter list, select the parameter that requires the offset, and enter the required value in the native unit into the New Value field.
      1. The native parameter unit can be confirmed by checking the ADMIN | Settings | Parameter Settings menu and referencing the Unit column.

The X2 will add 2 feet to each PT-500 level reading uploaded to WQData LIVE.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click SAVE.
    1. A success prompt should appear.
  1. Following the data logger’s next transmission to WQData LIVE, the offset change(s) will be applied and the Current Value field for the Parameter Offset will update.

Parameter Offset successfully applied.