Configuring Parameter Offsets

Based on the specific sensor and the environment in which it is exposed, parameters may be scaled or manipulated with offsets to ensure accurate data is received. These offsets can be entered in the Remote Device Configuration menu on WQData Live.

  1. These settings can be changed by going to the ADMIN | Settings tab found at the top of the project dashboard.

ADMIN | Settings tab on the project dashboard


Enhanced view of the ADMIN | Settings tab



  1. Click on the Device Remote Configuration tab. Under this tab is a list of the sites within the project. Click on the site and the logger that needs changes to its parameter settings.

Configure parameter settings under the device remote configuration tab


  1. Under Parameter Settings, expand the sensor list to reveal the parameter for which the offset is to be applied.

The water level parameter of the PT-500 sensor has been selected to change its calibration coefficients.


  1. Enter the desired offsets into the A, B, and C fields below the parameter.
    1. These coefficients follow the format a+bx+cx², where is the raw parameter value recorded by the sensor each scheduled reading.
      • Note: The coefficients should be based on the native unit that the sensor outputs, which is not necessarily the same as the displayed unit.

The coefficients have been changed to add 15 feet to each level measurement.



  1. Click SAVE once the offset(s) have been entered and verify that the change appears in the Command Queue at the bottom of the Remote Device Configuration menu.
    1. The command will be updated after the next scheduled transmission on the data logger, or can be quickly updated by removing and reapplying power on the system.