Sequoia LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity Sensor

The LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity sensor is a patent pending, simple, low-cost sensor to measure suspended sediment concentration (SSC).


  • Paired acoustic and optical technologies
  • Near-constant calibration within a factor of two for grain-sizes from 1–500 µm
  • Includes Y-cable providing power and integrated SDI-12 communication to and from both sensors


Super-Turbidity is a patent pending technology developed by Sequoia Scientific, Inc. It involves pairing a LISST-ABS with a turbidity sensor using a weight factor, which results in a single, combined output from the two sensors. Once paired, the LISST-AOBS retains near-constant calibration for SSC over a wide grain-size range. The LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity sensor is supplied by Sequoia as an integrated and paired turbidity and acoustic sensor with a variety of cabling and data logger options.


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