EXO Sonde Mooring Cage

The NexSens EXO Sonde Mooring Cages provide a secure and convenient means of deploying a YSI EXO multi-parameter water quality sonde.

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Integrated Mooring Clamps

Two integrated PVC mooring clamps are designed specifically for the diameter of a YSI EXO1, EXO2 or EXO3 sonde. The clamps are positioned at the optimal clamp areas of an EXO sonde so as not to deform the instrument.

In-Line Mooring

Convenient eyenut connection allows the cage to be deployed in-line on an open water buoy mooring or mounted horizontally on a riverbed.

Quick Clamp and Release

Each clamp features a hinged pin design for quick clamping and release.

Optional Crossarm

An optional mounting crossarm is available for adding photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) sensors. The crossarm allows for both upwelling and downwelling sensors with optional anti-fouling wipers.


ImageProduct TitleProduct Description
CB-50 Data BuoyCB-50 Data BuoyThe CB-50 data buoy is designed for quick deployment in emergency response situations including industrial spills and natural disasters
NexSens LI-192 Underwater PAR Sensor Mounting ArmNexSens LI-192 Underwater PAR Sensor Mounting ArmMounting arm for LI-192 underwater PAR sensor & Hydro-Wiper
NexSens CB-Series Buoy Zinc AnodeNexSens CB-Series Buoy Zinc AnodeNexSens sacrificial zinc anodes are recommended on CB-Series data buoys as cathodic protection in saltwater environments.