The NexSens Iridium data loggers (6100-iSIC, SD500-I, CB-iSIC with RTU-I) supports satellite connection between a remote monitoring site and a computer base station with an internet connection.

Shown below is an example site:


6100 iSIC Typical Site

Figure 1: 6100-iSIC Typical Site

The above system consists of the following components:

  1. Windows-based computer running iChart software
  2. 6100-iSIC Iridium (satellite) Data Logger
  3. Sensor
  4. NexSens/User-Supplied Email Server
  5. WQData Web Datacenter

The NexSens datalogger’s data is sent to an Iridium satellite, which then sends the data to a NexSens or User-Supplied Email server. iChart software automatically checks the email for new messages based on user-determined intervals. Once the data is pulled into iChart, it can be uploaded to a WQData web datacenter.

REV: 16A07

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