Two 16-pin un-pluggable terminal strip connectors are located inside the enclosure.  Power and sensors will be connected to these terminals.  The connector on the left is for connecting digital and smart sensors.  The connector on the right is for connecting analog sensors. Descriptions for the pins on both connectors are given below:

A factory installed option for analog, digital, and galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor expansion is available. The interface connections for expansion are located behind the battery.


isic terminals

Figure 1: iSIC Digital and Analog Terminal Connections



Digital Connectors

SDI-12: Connection for SDI-12 sensors.

SW.A: 12V, 200 mA power switch.

BAT:   Pass-through battery power pin (fused)

GND: Ground (digital)

P1.Rx: RS-232 Receive Pin (Port 1) – Input

P1.Tx: RS-232 Transfer Pin (Port 1) – Output

P2.Rx: RS-232 Receive Pin (Port 2) – Input

P2.Tx: RS-232 Transfer Pin (Port 2) – Output

P3.Rx: RS-485 Receive Pin (Port 3) – Input

P3.Tx: RS-485 Transfer Pin (Port 3) – Output

DIO0:  General purpose Digital I/O.

DIO1:  General purpose Digital I/O.

Rain:   Tipping bucket rain gauge input


Analog Connectors

Tip:              Telephone wire connection pin

Ring:            Telephone wire connection pin

Ex.5V:          5V Excitation voltage

AD0 – AD7:    Analog Inputs

AGND:          Analog ground

DA0:             Digital to Analog output


REV: 13H02

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