The RTU-C cellular telemetry module may occasionally need to be opened for servicing the cell modem or installing a SIM card. Follow these steps to safely gain access to the modem:


Figure 1: RTU-C Cellular Telemetry Module


1. Use a 3/16″ allen wrench or ball-point hex driver to remove the (4) hex cap screws that hold the top bulkhead onto the body of the module.


Figure 2: Remove Top Bulkhead Screws


2. Carefully slide the top bulkhead off. Some force will be required to break the watertight O-ring seal, but use caution to avoid damaging the RF antenna connection cable or any other wires inside the module.

3. Slide out the foam pieces that cushion the top of the cell modem, then carefully pull the modem out for servicing. If installing a SIM card, reference the following links for the Raven XT, LS300, or RV50 modem:

Raven XT





Figure 3: Access Modem


4. When finished, replace the modem, foam pieces and top bulkhead back in their originals positions. Be sure to avoid sharply bending or pinching the RF cable. Run a complete system test to confirm that the modem module is working correctly before deployment.



REV: 15E14

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