Setup Iridium (SBD) Data Account

All Iridium-enabled X2 data loggers must have an active SBD (short-burst data) account in order to send measurement data to WQData LIVE. While NexSens Technology can configure and manage Iridium data service plans, users may prefer to set up their own data services.

Determine System Data Usage Requirements

The amount of satellite data an X2 logger requires is determined by the following variables:

  • Number of unique sensors connected to the data logger
  • Number of sensor parameters that are enabled for transmission to WQData LIVE
  • Logging interval of the connected sensors

Data usage estimates can be acquired by contacting NexSens Technology and supplying the information above, or by entering this information into this Excel speadsheet.

Select Iridium Service Provider

Iridium maintains a list of verified data service providers on their website.

  1. Navigate to the service provider lookup utility here.

Select a region and country in the service provider lookup tool on Iridium’s website.


  1. Select the desired provider from the list.
    1. Note that every provider will have different SBD plan capacities and pricing.
    2. It is advisable to check with multiple providers to find the most competitively priced options for the required data amount.

Iridium data service provider listing, based on selected region and country.


Request SBD Plan Activation

Once the provider has been chosen, reach out to them with the following information:

  1. Request setup of a new SBD account.
  2. Provide the Iridium modem IMEI number for each X2 logger.
    1. NexSens can supply this once the X2 loggers are assigned.
  3. Provide the anticipated monthy data usage estimate for plan selection.
  4. Provide an email account that will be used to receive the data messages from the system.
    1. It is highly recommended that a new, dedicated email account be reserved for this.
    2. A standard Gmail account will suffice, click here for configuration instructions.
    3. Having the data sent to a second mailbox address is recommended.
  5. If asked, the following features are not required for the account:
    1. Ring Alerts
    2. Geo Data Flag
    3. MO Ack Flag