Install a SIM Card into an iSIC-V2

While it is always recommended that a SIM card be sent to NexSens for installation prior to shipment, in some cases it may be necessary for a user to install a SIM card themselves. The following article steps through this process.

Caution!!!- Be sure to statically ground yourself prior to touching any of the electronics inside the iSIC-V2 logger

Tools Required:

-9/16″ Socket Wrench

-5/32″ Allen Wrench

iSIC-V2 logger example setup.


  1. Remove the UW-6 and UW-8 (if equipped) connectors from the base of the iSIC V2 housing.

UW-6 and UW-8 plugs removed from the bottom of the iSIC-V2 logger.


  1. Remove the (4) 3/8-16 bolts securing the V2 to the AVSS mounting plate using a 9/16 socket wrench.

Remove the bolts securing the iSIC-V2 to the AVSS plate.


  1. Loosen and remove the SMA RF connector at the top of the V2.

Carefully remove the SMA connector from the top of the iSIC-V2 logger.


  1. Remove the iSIC V2 from the AVSS enclosure.

Fully removed iSIC-V2 from the AVSS enclosure.


  1. Use a 5/32 Allen Wrench to remove the four outer screws to lift off the back plate.

Remove the back plate to access the logger’s circuitry.




  1. Remove the back plate to expose the iSIC V2 PCB and Cell Modem.

Exposed iSIC-V2 logger


  1. Locate the SIM card slot and gently push the tray forwards to unlock it as indicated by the inscribed ‘open’ arrow on the tray.

Open the SIM card slot on the modem.


  1. Swing the tray lid open.

Open the SIM card tray lid.


  1. Place the SIM in the tray such that the indentation on the card will align with the same indentation on the holder when closed.

Insert the SIM card properly by matching the shape of the card with the tray indentation.


  1. Gently swing the tray closed and press upward gently to lock it back into place.

Close the tray and push opposite of the inscribed arrow to lock the SIM card into place.


  1. Re-install the V2 back plate and reinstall the logger back into the AVSS enclosure, following the reverse process beginning with Step 6.


  1. If the APN has not been set, reference the process here.