Set an APN on a G2-RAIN


Establish a Terminal Connection

Follow this article to establish a terminal connection with the G2-RAIN using a UW6-USB-485P cable.


Enter the Cell Terminal

  1. Upon connection of the UW6-USB-485P to the G2-RAIN, the system will immediately begin to contact WQData LIVE. Since the cellular service has not been established yet, hit enter to open a command line ($) and send the wqdata stop command immediately to avoid waiting for the modem to retry connection.
    1. Once the command is entered, Skip WQDataLive startup posting  will appear in the Tera Term output.
      • If the above output does not appear, continue to send the wqdata stop command.
    2. If the wqdata stop command is not entered successfully before the system begins to retry connection (4 consecutive retries) with the modem, cycle power on the unit and try again.

Successful ‘wqdata stop’ command entered. The G2-RAIN will skip startup posting to WQData LIVE.


Output if ‘wqdata stop’ command is not entered immediately. The unit will attempt four retries to set up the cell module. Cycle power and enter the command again if the unit begins the retries.



  1. Send the cellterm command to open up a communication channel with the modem.

The following text should appear once the cellterm command has been entered.


  1. Turn on the cell modem using the !on command.

The following text should appear when turning on the cell modem.


  1. Send the AT+CGDCONT=<cid>,<PDPType>,<APN> command to set the APN
    1. <cid>
      • Will typically be 1 for global modems, 3G AT&T and Verizon modems, and 4G AT&T modems.
      • Will be 3 for most Verizon 4G modems
    1. <PDPType>– note the double quotation before and after must be included
      • Is “IP” for 2G3G global modems
      • Is “IPV4V6” for most 4G networks
      • If using one version does not seem to work with the APN, try the other option.
    1. <APN>
      • If unknown, consult with the cellular provider. Common APNs for Domestic Verizon and AT&T accounts are provided below for reference.
AT&T (dynamic IP)broadband
AT&T (static IP)i2gold
VZW (dynamic IP)vzwinternet
VZW (static IP)xx.vzwstaticxx is dependent on the account region

ne01.vzwstatic (North East)

nw01.vzwstatic (North West)

so01.vzwstatic (South)

mw01.vzwstatic (Midwest)

we01.vzwstatic (West)




      • Several preset commands are available. Send the !? command to see what is available. In the screenshot below !attapn, !attapn3g and !vzwapn are available to automatically configure the APN for dynamic 4G/3G AT&T and 4G Verizon modem, respectively.

Preset commands available with the !? command.


    1. Example of manually setting an AT&T 3G modem with a dynamic APN. (APN must be in quotes)

Successful APN setup example


  1. Send the ^C (Ctrl+C) command to verify the configured APN matches what was sent.

Send ctrl+c to check the APN.


  1. Send the ^S (Ctrl+S) command repeatedly until the signal quality is 9 or higher (leading number).
    1. Note: If the leading number that is returned is equal to 99, less than 0, or greater than 31, there is an error in signal quality.
    2. Signal strength, in dB, can be calculated using the following formula:
      • -51 + (X-31)*2 = Y where,
        • X is the first number
        • Y is the calculated signal strength
      • Signal strengths from -50 to -90 dB are adequate for cellular connection.

Check the signal quality.


  1. Send the ^G (Ctrl+G) command repeatedly until 0,1  is returned.

Ensure above text is shown when sending the ctrl+G command.


  1. Manually send the AT#SGACT=3,1 (Verizon) or AT#SGACT=1,1 (all other carriers) command and wait up to 30 seconds for a response. This will report the IP address in the form that the modem acquired if it was able to successfully connect to the network.


    • If an ERROR response is returned, extended error commands can be enabled by sending the AT+CMEE=2 command and re-sending the activation command in the previous step. Once this is done the error message will be replaced by a different message, typically ‘Activation Failed’ (generally due to incorrect APN or a cell account issue) or ‘SIM Not Inserted’ (if the SIM card is not making proper contact with the tray).

‘Activation failed’ error indicating a cell account setup issue.


  1. Exit the modem terminal with the !exit command.


Additional Commands

These commands must be inserted while in cell term.

    • Displays the IMEI of the modem.
    • Displays the SIM ID of the Sim card.