Airmar 200WX Wind Parameters

The Airmar WX-Series Weather Station contains multiple wind speed and direction parameters depending on the preferred reference point at the site location and the motion of the station on its platform.

NMEA 0183 MessageDescriptionX2 Parameters
$WIMDA*NMEA 0183 Standard Meteorological Composite
(Wind parameters with respect to north)
Wind Direction (Degree)
Magnetic Wind Direction (Degree)
Wind Speed (m/s)
$WIMWV**NMEA 0183 standard Wind Speed and Angle, in relation to the vessel’s bow/centerlineWind Direction (Degree)
Wind Speed (Knots)

*NMEA 0183 message contains other parameters listed in the Airmar X2 Integration Guide article.
**Airmar messages can be configured in the AIRMAR WeatherCaster Software to output relative or theoretical wind parameters. Relative is apparent wind, as felt when standing on the moving platform. Theoretical is the calculated actual wind, as though the platform were stationary.



Wind parameters with corresponding NMEA 0183 messages


Note: Both NMEA 0183 messages can be enabled at the same time, and can upload all of these parameters simultaneously; however, due to their differing reference positions and calculations, they may be vastly different.